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I’m Jessica Sweeney and I’ve been a 3D artist working in the video game and virtual reality industry since 2015. My primary focus is creating stunning environments for games and applications from start to finish. I am a video game enthusiast and a passionate advocate of utilizing emerging technology such as XR, machine learning, and cryptotechnology. In addition, I’ve been the co-founder of WIGI Phoenix as of 2016.

If you’d like to collaborate on a project or would like to ask me any questions, please send me an e-mail me at


3D Modeling / Texturing / Environment Art / Lighting / Rendering / VR and Mobile Optimization / Project Management / Graphic Design
Blender / Maya / Substance / Photoshop / World Machine / Speed Tree
UE4 / Unity

Clients & Projects

Wolfire Games
Teamfuture Games
Tiny Phoenix
Gigatank 3000
Baltu Studios
Love Over H8
Dynamic Fitness

Art Features

Allegorithmic: Meet Mat Book Coming Soon
Game Change[Hers] Gallery
80lvl: “Lighting Changes Everything”

In the World

Gadgette: Kickass women of VR
Salt River Elementary: Teaching 3D Sculpting
S.Marlow: The Arena Episode 4: Virtual Reality
WIGI PHX: Speaker “Let’s Talk About Video Games”
UAT Speaker: “Professional 3D Content Creation”